Woman vs Wild

I would have to say my morning started off a little rocky. I'm embarassed to say I had a Snickers for breakfast. I haven't had something so unhealthy since junior high, but I had carried the candy bar around in my over-sized purse waiting for the most opportune time...why not Monday morning! The most significant contribution to my disaster filled morning was when I couldn't find my iPhone. It dawned on me that I am completely helpless without it and fully dependent on the information stored within it. Besides the fact that I couldn't Facebook, I didn't have access to important contacts. With the help of a second set of eyes from my friend, Tania, I found my phone under the seat in my car. Survival mode kicked in and immediately I scribbled down a few numbers of importance in a notebook I always carry around with me. God forbid that ever happen to you, but I definitely took the old pen and paper for granted. When I finished making my backup phone numbers list I proceeded to create "In case of Emergency" cards for the children. You can create your own "ICE" wallet cards at These medical cards are very convenient to give to the babysitter, friends and family, Sunday school teachers, coaches and to send to camp with your children. These cards inform the childcare provider or family member of the current medications your child is taking, their allergies, insurance information, health history and their emergency contacts. I hope you find this information helpful because it made me more aware of what could potentially happen. These seemingly chaotic events helped me prepare for more severe incidents that could occur, in hopes that they don't. God Bless.

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