DPL, Shabby Chic Nightstand Project, & Storage Wars

I haven't posted in awhile, but a LOT has been going on. We recently moved and I have been doing inventory of the DPL Event Design linens, and other party rental items, and getting my office organized. I've been updating the website with new products and trying to get it looking how I want. That's an ongoing challenge because I'm not website designer, and there are so many things to put on there, but I get by. Feel free to check out all we have to offer at Keep in mind I have a lot more items to photograph and post, so if you don't see what you need, please give me a call/text to (817) 897-3035 or email The Dream. Plan. Live. Event Design Facebook page also offers a lot of great info.

My hubby & I started going to storage unit auctions a month or so ago looking for lost treasures. I've always wanted to try my hand at refurbishing old furniture with good bones. I found a great candidate for the makeover in our latest score. I had read a wonderful tutorial by Kristen on "thefrugalgirl" blog. Although, it's triple digit temperatures in Texas and the paint was drying nearly as quickly as I could coat the furniture, I really enjoy the way it turned out. It being my first attempt, it was a bit of a lessons learned. The finish is a little grainy because I did not use the finer sandpaper after using the medium to remove the finish prior to painting and I chose to use a paint with primer included. I believe this gave it more of a shabby chic look. All in all, I feel like it has really brought energy to our bedroom. That's one of the spaces in our home we always tend to neglect.
Also, look for Chuy and I on the upcoming season (Season 3) of Storage Wars Texas. We were at two seperate auctions in which they recorded episodes and we bid on lockers. I'm excited to see the new episodes, but I'm also going to laugh if we are edited out and all you can see is one of our arms or a foot in the shot.

Here are some of the pics I snuck on my iPhone of the cast members of the show.

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  1. The nightstand looks lovely!
    Paint really gives a piece of furniture new life!


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