Good Night, Dreamers.

If you've been following me on Facebook, you know how excited I am for my next big venture, the Dream. Plan. Live. Magazine! I've been working day and night on it. I almost feel like a vampire because when I've gone outside to check the mail or run a quick errand, the sun really hurts my eyes! lol. I've been tapping into Etsy as a resource to find some really great products to share with you in the magazine. Upcoming issues include school days, fall, and wedding themes. We already have confirmation from some really great vendors with quality products to feature. We still have a lot of work ahead as we prepare for photo shoots for each issue. I really hope that I can assemble a dependable team of people as passionate about DPL'ing as I am. I always dreamed of becoming a news reporter, or a writer, but never in my wildest did I think I would find myself starting a publication from the ground up. I'm going to do my very best with it and I really hope it's something to be proud of. Just like anything, I know I have to have faith.

Until tomorrow, good night, dreamers.

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