18+ Send Off Ideas to Complete your Happily Ever After...

You've got it all laid out, but your lacking a few details. Maybe your undecided over how to end the most perfect night, and leave a lasting impression. I've compiled a list of ideas, depending on your style, for your dream send off. So, find something that suits your style for a picture perfect happily ever after.

Eco-Friendly Options

Seeds - like lavender and rosemary in organza satchels. What a lovely smell they would give off!

Hang paper cones on guests chair containing flower petals - they do double duty as decor.
Candied sprinkles - a wonderful alternative to rice.

Night Time Options
Sparklers - These are all the rage as they make for great photos.
Lanterns - Becoming more common, this has been a tradition in other cultures for a long time.
Glow sticks, they aren't flammable, so they make a great alternative to sparklers and are available in a variety of colors.

Party People
Confetti - It comes in a variety of shapes and colors, dots, metallic, etc.
Party poppers release lots of rolls of streamers in the air.
Noisemakers - Let the orchestra play! Maracas, mini trumpets, recorders, and more, double as favors!
Flags - Personalize Flags with the bride and grooms names or initials, the date, hearts, and love words.
Silly string - it's fun and it dries hard, so it doesn't stain.
Dance away the night, literally! Create a conga line or bunny hop out the door!
Release balloons into the air in your wedding colors or if it's at night, try adding a glow stick.

Elegant Options
Ribbon wands - These can be custom made in your wedding colors and include lace or other details.
Bells - What a happy sound! They say that everytime a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.
Doves or butterflies are the perfect happily ever after ending to a beautiful ceremony. Fireflies may even be available in the summertime for an evening affair.
Bubbles are a traditional send-off and guests have fun trying to blow the biggest one!
Rice - A very traditional option.

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