Letter from Santa

Earlier this evening my daughter wrote her first letter to Santa. We walked out to the mailbox together as she slipped it inside to be picked up and delivered tomorrow. It's her first hand-written letter to Santa as she is in kindergarten and learning how to spell, read, and write. We also started "Elf on the Shelf". More to come on that in another post.

I want to set a consistent communication for the kids, so they'll be less likely to disprove the theory of Santa and to keep the spirit alive. That's why I created this letterhead. I secretly snuck out to the mailbox and retrieved her letter. I wrote today's date on it and stuck it in a memory box I will give her when she's older. I think I'll mail and have the official letter postmarked by the USPS. If you are curious, the information from USPS can be found at the following link: USPS Letters from Santa postmark program - must mail by Dec. 10th! Feel free to copy the Santa Claus letterhead below for your use. If you re-post, please be sure to give credit to or Thanks so much!

Sample letter:

December 6, 2012
Dear Little Boy or Girl,
You are special to me. I have seen and heard that you have been trying your best! Keep up the good work in school and listen to your mommy and daddy. I have something special in mind for you on Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

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