Who isn't addicted to Pinterest these days between finding great recipes, fab decor ideas, inspiration for losing a few pounds, and even a good laugh! I just want to feature a few pins that are totally achievable. And if you aren't so crafty or didn't get the party design gene, then don't hesitate to call me for back up! You can follow me on Pinterest by visiting the 'About Me' section on

I love different color combos such as the maroon, blue & yellow below. Another favorite of mine right now is tangerine & aqua.

I absolutely adore this candy buffet. I'm sure this led to quite a few dentist appointments with all those sweets to dive into. I just think it is put together so well! By the way, if you are in need of some apothecary jars for this type of candy buffet setup, stay tuned for the 'Rent me' section of DPL! Until then, just ask! :)

Finally, I love DIY, especially for weddings! The average US wedding is an astronomical $27,000! But I believe nothing says 'love' like 'handmade.' that's one reason why I love this matching Cake serving set & flutes which can easily be painted to match any theme...and can be re-used at anniversaries for the saved cake and a well deserved toast!

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