Party Favors - Thinking Outside the Box!

It may seem a little odd that retailers are already putting out Christmas stuff. Halloween, I understand. That will be here before we know it! I'm already quizzing the kids on what they want to dress up as. I like for us to be original, like the year we made our own Incredibles superhero family outfits. And it seems like once school starts, the holidays all run together. So, you may walk past the Christmas aisle and roll your eyes or think to yourself that it would be ridiculous to entertain the thought of spending money on the holiday this time of year. I'm here to let you know that you can find great favors and decor down those aisles for your events.

Browsing my local Garden Ridge I found potential baby shower and birthday items in the Christmas section from $1-$5. In addition to the items pictured, if you are doing a Candyland theme, there are candy ornaments in a variety of colors!

Potential Baby Shower Favors.

Princess, Ballet, and Parasol decor items (pink, pink, and more pink!).

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