Recycled Bottles as Favors, Centerpieces & Table #s

Lately I've seen a ton of great ideas for re-using wine bottles and corks floating around the internet. We visited family this week and one of our aunts had a painted bottle of champagne (still full) on her mantel, which she was given as a favor. It was accented with beautiful silk flowers and custom ribbon with the name of a young lady and the date of her quinceanera. I thought it was a wonderful favor idea, so I've compiled examples of ways to upcycle bottles for your event, to be used as favors, centerpieces, and table numbers. It's also an economical way to decorate on a budget. I hope you enjoy the variety of ways recycled bottles can be used for your event at little cost with a significant impact.

Bedazzle your bottles and hand them out as favors!

Painted bottles.

Remove the tops of bottles for an artistic look.

Vinyl monogram letter (with lights). You can also etch initials in the bottles.

Just insert candlesticks for an eye catching, and earth-friendly recycled bottle centerpiece.

Lace & tulle on white bottles for a simplistic design.

Chalkboard paint makes decorative bottles versatile.

Vinyl table numbers

Family photos (these are even better if you remove the bottom/top and insert a votive inside for a lighted effect.

 These metallic painted bottles would be good for the holidays.

Add a tassle, bow and flower for an elegant look.

Bottles as flower vases...

Simple, yet so adorable! All that's needed is hot glue and yarn!

...and lastly, Sports themed bottles!

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