Project 'Save the Peacock'

I'm super excited about meeting with a bride tomorrow at her venue! It's a newly built venue and the couple I am helping is the first to be married there! The wedding is a peacock theme. I simply love what I do. The bride called me because she had taken the planning to a certain point, but the wedding is a month away, and she is having trouble tieing it all together and finalizing all the details. She told me the invites were mailed out yesterday, and they are actually black and white. We are going to have fun tieing black & white into a peacock theme! She sounds like a great person to work with. She shared with me how she drove over 300 miles to a farm to get 1,000 peacock feathers! I'll show you what I worked on for her...I set her up a price quote for some items she's needing for the reception in which she can easily see total costs for each selection and make the best choice for her budget. In addition, I put together a few color scheme ideas for her to choose from for her table setting. I decided I'd make a fabric selection guide to help decipher the pricing quote I put together, which will be useful for all my brides in the future! You can also find this fabric selection guide on the Dream. Plan. Live. Event Design Facebook page in the "Reference Material" photo album.

Peacock Table Setting Options - table cloth, charger, and napkin selections. Do you have a favorite? Do you see how I snuck in the white/black color choices from the mailed invitations?

Fabric Selection Guide (In order from most to least expensive).
Basic polyester white and black linens are not listed.

So after a little over 2 hours of crunching numbers and working diligently, I really hope she's happy with her initial consultation. Like I said, I can't wait to meet with her and her bridesmaids tomorrow and check out the new place!

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